Starcrossed Hair Comb


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The perfect piece for star crossed lovers who beat the odds. Add a touch of vintage sparkle to your hairstyle with this elegant diamante & crystal star hair comb.
Model wears AR550 in Silver with Clear Crystal. Model Also wears ARJ096 Jewellery Set

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Accent Crystal Colour

AB, Amethyst, Aqua, Black Diamond, Blue Zircon, Chocolate, Clear, Comet Argent Light, Emerald, Fuchsia, Golden Shadow, Indicolite, Jet, Lemon, Light Amethyst, Light Sapphire, Light Silk, Navy, Olivine, Padparadscha, Peridot, Pink, Purple, Ruby, Sapphire, Scarlet, Silk, Silver Shade, Tanzanite, Toffee, Vintage Rose

Wire Colour

Rhodium, Silver